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Please take a look at all our offerings. From Ayurvedic Facials to Advanced Aesthetics, Couples Massages & Spa Parties, Brow Wax & Tint and FarInfrared Wraps~

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Call to schedule groups & Spa Parties larger than 2!

Couples services*

Service is tentative depending on practitioner availability. We will have to confirm upon booking.

When you decide to schedule a couples service, please use our option on the menu to book for person 1 then go on our website and schedule for person 2. Select your desired time on the calendar. If you don't see the same time available, please select the closest time available, then after booking your appointment, call or text us and we will reach out to our practitioners and do our best to accommodate your same time booking.

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Facial & Skin Care Services

Let my provider choose/ Facial 125

60  min - Spa Facial 125

30 min - Spa Facial 75

Back Facial 145

Advanced Facials

HYLUNIA Ayurveda Vitamin C Facial 125

HYLUNIA Ayurveda Age Reverse Facial 125

Hylauronic acid EYE INFUSION 75

Hylauronic Lip Infusion 75

MICRODERMABRASION Resurfacing Treatment 125

Vitamin C Infusion Facial with Nanoneedling 150

Neveskinface ™️  Boost Collagen 125

Eye Upgrade or Age Defying Upgrade with NEVESKINFACE 25

Brow & lash services

Brow wax and shape

Lash or Brow Tint alone 25

Professional Peels

Lactic Acid Peel 100

Glycolic Acid Peel 110

TCA Depigmentation Peel 150

Massage & Body Services

Lymphatic Massage 145

30 - MISSION Signature Massage 75

60 - MISSION Signature Massage 145

90 - MISSION Signature Massage 215

Prenatal Massage 145

60 - Swedish Relaxation Massage 135

60 -Tranquil Hot Stone Massage 155

90 -Tranquil Hot Stone Massage 230

30 - Sports Massage 75

60 - Sports Massage 145

90 - Sports Massage 180

Sugar Scrub Massage 145

FarInfrared Body Wrap 129



Reflexology Upgrade 15

Add Aromatherapy 15

Add Warm Oil Facial/Scalp Massage Upgrade 15

Hot Stone Upgrade 25

Ultimate Eye Upgrade Neveskinface ™️ 25

Age Defying Upgrade Neveskinface ™️  25

Sensitive Skin & Specialty Facials

MISSION Signature Facial 150

Sensitive Skin Facial/Oncology 95

Day Packages

Spa Party for Three 795 (two services each)

Spa Party for Two a Wimberley Favorite 530 (two services each)

Spa Party for Four 1060 (two services each)

Spa Party for SIX 795 (one service each)

Couples Services

60 - Signature Couples Massage 290

90 - Signature Couples Massage 310

60 - Tranquil Hot Stone Couples Massage 310

90 - Tranquil Hot Stone Couples Massage 360


Consultation 25

Spa Party add ons

Add Champagne

Add Charcuterie

"The prices may vary depending on the location."

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