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Why Oncology Esthetics??

Some types of chemotherapy can cause  the skin to become dry, itchy, red or darker, or peel. Clients may develop a minor rash or sunburn easily; this is called photosensitivity. Some people also have skin pigmentation changes.  Their nails may be dark and cracked, and cuticles may hurt. Oncology Esthetics Training is a great way to enhance your skillset and further help those undergoing oncology treatement in an esthetic setting. 

So, what IS oncology esthetics anyway? Oncology esthetics takes a person-centered approach that ensures both physical and psychological well-being. It includes modifying spa or salon treatments to prevent potential complications or discomfort while supporting clients experiencing cancer's physical and emotional challenges.

Why we integrate oncology esthetics at MISSION Day Spa. In order to explain the why, we have to start from the beginning...ABOUT OUR FLAGSHIP SPA

Mission Day Spa is a hill country day spa located in Wimberley, Texas. It was conceptualized in 2022 by Jesseca Zollars Smith, a long-time esthetician & esthetics educator, while her mother was in hospice care and father was battling pancreatic cancer. Jesseca was driven to create a comfortable spa environment for those with autoimmune sensitivities and sensitive skin.


She made a promise to her mother to invest and help others, which has become the driving force behind the spa. Her vision was to create a "haven" for people with skin sensitivities, autoimmune issues, and cancer where they could experience normalcy and be touched without fear of products causing irritation or burning.

After searching for the perfect skincare products, one known for their products that are mindful of sensitive skin and those with cancer and the other who integrates ancient healing Ayurvedic princepals into their formulations. She also pursued a strong and cohesive oncology education to integrate the spa world with sensitive guests.

MISSION Day Spa is open to everyone, and they offer specialized training for their practitioners who want to provide oncology massage and aesthetic services to cater to the needs of their sensitive guests. All guests are welcome to visit MISSION Day Spa.

Since the spa opened, the vision has grown, and they are expanding to offer MISSION Day Spa opportunities to those who wish to embark on this fulfilling career and own their very own MISSION Day Spa.

The spa is all about bringing a high level of quality and care to the day spa space for everyone. Needless to say, Jesseca is honoring her mother and fulfilling her promise to invest and help others one guest at a time.

To make an appointment: Call MISSION Day Spa flagship location at: 737-315-7911 or schedule online at

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